Buy, Badge, Build

Media shouldn't be complicated. And 8600 ensures it isn't.

We’ve Organized Our Ad Products Into Three Simple And Effective Offerings; Buy, Badge & Build.
Each Giving Advertisers The Ability To Reach A Massive Audience With The Scale That Traditional Marketers Used To Offer. These Offerings Leverage Our Built-In Viewership To Solve The Biggest Challenges Advertisers Face.


‘Place Targeted Media Just Like Television’

We provide transparent and safe environments across all of our content. Our partners can be sure their messaging gets the reach they want, with the audience they need.


‘Scale Without Heaving Lifting’

We took control of 200 failing awareness campaigns programmed to millions of young people. By Badging, we can quickly activate sponsorships on behalf of brands – and they can be sure it’s seen by a relevant audience.


‘Where Most Creative Brands Work Comes To Life’

The same innovative minds and talent behind our own programming develop truly amazing custom targeted campaigns, and achieves the massive reach and results our partners want. Our brand creative teams are experts at staying true to both their own voice as well as our partners’ to create a completely authentic experience for your followers.